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We invite you to join an engaging mix of GMGC 2017 speakers and fellow attendees from the gaming industry for a night of fantastic , sponsored   and never-ending networking talks!

For what will surely be an unforgettable night, come, and join us for the best industry networking party in town on Thursday, March 16th.

We remind you seats are limited. So, register soon to make sure you got a spot!

[Your registration request will be reviewed by GMGC Team]

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Type Sales End Price Quantity


2017-03-16 23:00 ¥0


We have now reached capacity for the party. You're qualified for the entry but will be on waiting list, stay tuned!


2017-03-16 20:00 - Start

2017-03-16 23:00 - End

  • 中国 北京 朝阳区
  • Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus,China View Building, 2 Gongti Dong Lu, Chaoyang district

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